Using CareerMotivations can help Students:

  • Explore the most appropriate career options
  • Select degree programs that pave the way for the career you want
  • Learn how to best study and take tests
  • Find careers that fit what you like and are motivated to do

Advantages For Colleges:

  • Increased student inquiries, enrollments & graduations
  • When you reach out to prospective students you need to establish a value proposition and a trusted relationship with them & their families. You want to attract them to either call you, visit your website or campus, then educate them on the importance of the decision they are looking to make and show them that you have their best interest in mind. What better way to establish a relationship of trust than by offering them a Free Career Assessment- one that helps them identify which career & educational path is right for them. Think of the relationship you can establish with the prospective student and family when your admissions representative sits down with them to go over their results and help them plan for their future and achieve their goals & desires.

    The CareerMotivations assessment can be served both directly from your college website- completed by prospective students who must first register with their contact information and/ or taken at your campus locations. Schools have found that inquiries derived from the CareerMotivations assessment consistently outperform other sources as the prospects have clearly shown strong interest by registering and completing the assessment. Then when one enrolls in one of the areas of strong interest and motivations, and services are delivered based on the information gained, all start & graduation metrics improve.

    When a school provides the CareerMotivations assessment to the student and then goes over the results personally with them, your institution achieves a strong bond with the student and family by clearly:

    • Demonstrating an interest in the prospective student
    • Demonstrating that you look at each student as an individual
    • Demonstrating that you want what’s best for the student
    • Demonstrating an interest in identifying the students true interests & motivations
    • Seeking to identify the student’s individual learning styles in order to best serve them
    • Showing that your interests and success is the same as the students: Graduation
  • Your institution can improve your retention rates
  • Motivation leads to commitment and commitment leads to graduation. All too often students lack the motivation required to continually fuel their commitment to completing their education. The results are drops and decreased graduation rates.

    By having your prospective students take the CareerMotivations assessment you help ensure that they are enrolled into the programs that match their interests and motivations. When students are enrolled into programs that match their interests and motivations, they show far greater commitment to achieving the goal: graduation

  • Demonstrated dedication to student’s needs & success
  • Clearly not all schools are created equally and clearly some simply look to fill the empty seats. The result is a revolving door of students coming in and leaving. We can’t open a newspaper without reading some form of negative press about schools not having the best interest of the students in mind, increased drops, defaults and declining graduation rates. We know however that you are not one of the bad apples, you are a school who looks to provide what is in the best interest of the student and you share success as the common goal.

    By utilizing the CareerMotivations assessment, you are demonstrating to the prospective students and regulatory bodies that you care and that you want what is in the best interest of the student and are willing to prove it by providing them with an unbiased assessment that will help them make the right decisions for their future education & career. Then you will clearly be demonstrating your dedication to the student’s needs and success, visibly establishing the value & integrity students receive when dealing with your school.

  • Students have a better understanding of their learning preferences and styles
  • Not everyone learns the same way. It’s been proven that people tend to learn & retain instruction differently. However, most people don’t know which way they learn best and they don’t know their ultimate learning styles or preferences. Imagine how much more students would enjoy and be engaged with their education if they knew which way was the best for them and are taught more effectively as a result.

    When a student takes the CareerMotivations assessment they uncover their specific learning styles and preferences. They then have a better opportunity to receive their education in a way that’s best for them and most likely to keep them engaged.

  • Students understand which specific careers and jobs they are best motivated to pursue
  • How many High School students know what career they want to pursue? How many prospective college students simply pick a degree path based on a quick ill-informed decision? How many pick something that sounds cool or good without knowing if they actually are interested in what they will be doing in that job?

    We all know people who started college pursuing a career that their parents were in, only to find out that it was not for them. We all know some who had started their college education only to drop out because of a lack of interest. It’s easy to see why students drop out of a program when they determine they have no interest in that occupational area. The debt burden it creates often keeps them from completing their education.

    What do you think would happen if they actually knew which career or vocation they were best suited for and/ or most interested in?

    When a student takes the CareerMotivations assessment they uncover their specific motivational career & vocational interests. It helps them listen to their own inner voices. The CareerMotivations assessment report is like having an owner’s manual- it will help identify what truly motivates them, so they can choose classes and pursue careers that they will enjoy.

  • Faculty members also gain insights to help teach students
  • Due the students’ various learning preferences, it’s been proven that understanding and individually applying the most appropriate learning styles translates to increased knowledge retention, learning capacity and productivity.

    By having your prospective students take the CareerMotivations assessment, you are able to uncover their specific learning styles and preferences. This presents a greater opportunity to provide students their education more effectively while keeping them fully engaged with their coursework. In turn, professors/instructors are rewarded because their students succeed & graduate- greatly impacting the lives of their students.

  • Enhance Student satisfaction and facilitate student-teacher success
  • It can be agreed upon that all students are not created equally; that they are not all the same. We also know that a student’s satisfaction is dramatically increased when learning both comes easily to them and the subject matter is of interest to them. We also know that teachers obtain success by helping their students learn, grow and achieve. They thrive on making a positive difference in the lives of their students.

    When students take the CareerMotivations assessment and teachers are mindful of the student’s learning styles and preferences, you enable both the students’ & teachers’ goals to be accomplished. You help the teacher understand how the student best learns and help the student understand what they are most interested in. In essence, everyone becomes well-informed regarding both the goal and the means to get there.

  • Graduate fulfillment & success in the workplace
  • Too many people today don’t get to experience the enjoyment and feeling of accomplishment that comes at a college graduation and obtaining a college degree. Too many people graduate with a degree in a career area they later determine to be of no interest to them. We all know teachers who were trained as lawyers, salesmen who were trained as teachers, business people who went to medical school, counselors who were accountants and so on. This happens when a person declares a career path and dedicates their education to that path without first knowing if they are truly interested and motivated to that career path. Just think about the wasted money, hard work, time and anguish they must have went through. Now think of how much more enjoyment & fulfillment they would have had if they were working towards the right career.

    When a student takes the CareerMotivations assessment they uncover their specific motivational career & vocational interests. It helps them listen to their own inner voice. The CareerMotivations assessment report is like having an owner’s manual- it will help them identify what truly motivates them so they can pursue careers that they will enjoy.