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Choose a New Career

Taking a CareerMotivations assessment can help students and professionals explore the most appropriate career options based on their personal motivations and interests.

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Select the Right Education

Taking a CareerMotivations assessment can help students and professionals select degree programs that match their matching career paths and personal motivations .

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Discover Your Learning Style

Taking a CareerMotivations assessment can help students identify their learning styles, preferred classroom environments and thus be better prepare learning.

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Advance Your Existing Career

Taking a CareerMotivations assessment can help professionals better position themselves for job satisfaction, career advancement and career change.

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What is CareerMotivations?


We believe that by determining students’ inner career and learning motivations, schools can enroll students in programs that match their individual preferences and therefore will improve retention and achieve higher graduation rates. Motivated students who are pursuing education in areas of passion and interest are far more likely to turn into graduates than those who are pursuing an education path that does not match their motivations and passions.

More often than not students do not understand their true motivations and therefore enroll in a path that leads to lack of interest and boredom; when that occurs, students’ commitment also vanishes and ultimately they drop out of the program. CareerMotivations provides both students and schools the ability to identify and understand true career and educational motivations, therefore allowing them to pursue the area which they possess highest motivational interest and passion.

When students take the CareerMotivations assessment they uncover their specific motivational career and vocational interests. It helps them listen to their own inner voices. The CareerMotivations assessment report is like having an owner's manual- it will help identify what truly motivates them, so they can choose classes and pursue careers that they will enjoy.

Assessment Validity

Based on years of development and success, we provide a unique online assessment that seeks to guide, motivate and empower people to achieve their greatest educational and career potential.

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" The CM [Career Motivations] assessment has truly enlightened me. Not only was the assessment spot on, but the tools seemed like they were created just for me. Thanks again! "

- Frank from San Francisco

" The amount of confidence I now have in my career decisions is insane. My job search is now more focused than ever. "

- Dorian Edger, Phoenix Arizona